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Understanding FND

If you haven’t read the pages on ‘causes‘ yet, you may find it helpful to do so before reading on:

There are hardly ever ‘quick fixes’ for FND, but there are “slow fixes” that with time and effort can make symptoms less intrusive and allow you to feel better.

People Ive met who do improve say that one of the most important factors in recovery seems to be whether the diagnosis and explanation they were given made sense to them – perhaps not immediately, but eventually.

The key steps seem to be appreciating that:

  1. You have something common – you are not weird
  2. You do have something genuine – you are not imagining it
  3. You have symptoms that are potentially reversible
  4. Its not your fault that you have these symptoms
  5. But you will need to put some work in to getting better

If your doctor has sent your clinic letter to you, read it and try to understand it. Reading through this website may help you to understand your condition more.

If you can get to a point where you think the diagnosis makes sense, you no longer feel concerned about the possibility of another diagnosis, you realise that lots of other people have this too and its something you can potentially get better from then this is a good start for treatment.

Personally, I think spending time with a health professional understanding the diagnosis of FND and gaining confidence about why its been made is an important starting point for treatment. But its just a starting point for the majority of people. As with any condition you need information about whats wrong so that you can embark on treatment.

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